Bath Chair Lifts

The art of taking a bath safely.

Enjoy a safe, pleasant and relaxing bath

Take a bath safely and autonomously thanks to the elevating bath access chair, invented in Quebec.

Ergonomic, functional and safe, our chairs are designed for people who live with a reduced mobility or with diminished autonomy of up to 350 pounds. Their affordable price starts at 3850$ with a rechargeable controller included. They are guaranteed for 3 years transferable and 2 years for the battery.

From April to May 2019, we will officially begin our first deliveries and installations. Our contest ends on October 9th, 2018.


Who are the chairs for?

We offer a solution for easy access to the bathtub that is safe, functional and esthetic for people with a handicap. It is a necessity for people with reduced mobility (even children starting from one year old) and those suffering from loss of mobility weighing up to 350 pounds. We know everyone is different, and our bath lift chairs adapt to your unique situation. Your experience will be that much more enjoyable. They provide you with added safety as well as for those caregivers and people responsible for providing you with home care. It facilitates their work and prevents back injuries most notably.


Our bath lift chairs are designed so that you can take a bath in all intimacy for as long as you want. They reduce the risk of falling, which prevents you from taking a bath autonomously. They facilitate movements such as stepping over the bath, to sit inside it or to get back up. In addition, they offer many benefits such as being able to take a hot bath and the relaxation and stress-relief that comes with it. They will allow you to not only wash yourself, but will favour blood circulation, physical recuperation and a better sleep.


Very accessible, our elevating bath chairs are priced at 3850$ with the rechargeable controller included. They are guaranteed for 3 years transferable and 2 years for the battery. Our esthetic-looking chairs can easily be installed in any conventional bathroom, remain easily accessible and they are easy to maintain. They can also be reused; with minimal renovations, they can be installed in any new bathroom.


September 2018: Crowdfunding campaign launch and contest winner reveal.

September 2019: Supply and installation of bath chairs for first buyers.