Public solidarity for disabled children

“ The nicest form of appreciation is the joy that the gift (and the giver) comes wrapped in. ”

- Marina Tsvetaïva

Contribute to the cumulative donation and offer a chair lift to a disabled child in Quebec. We are asking the public to show its solidarity by embracing and supporting the goal of our cause.

Make a donation for the benefit of disabled children

Be generous and make a donation of $20 or more, which will be added to our cumulative donation so that we can offer a bath chair lift valued at $4, 4500, including delivery, to a disabled child in Quebec! The donations will be used to manufacture bath chair lifts, each having a value of $5,585, including installation, for a disabled Canadian child.

The design, prototype and in-house trial steps have been completed and the remaining steps are the design and finishing, moulds, CSA accreditation, production, delivery and installation.

The goal of the crowdfunding campaign is to collect a total of $375,000!

The list of donors who give money for the benefit of Quebec’s disabled children will be very visible on our website. We will also list the names of the recipients. You will receive a thank-you letter for your participation in the development of Sécur-O-bain.

The first deliveries are scheduled for September 2019

  • Why participate?
    • Making a donation to a sick child allow him to bathe safely. We need additional funds to move forward. The money collected will allow us to progress further with our bathtub chair project. Your donations will ensure a faster pathway to success. And this is why your collaboration is needed. It will have a huge impact in improving the quality of life of disabled children.
  • Project progress
    • Secur-O-Bain and its team are currently running a crowdfunding campaign to collect the funds needed to carry out the remaining steps of the project! Having already completed the design, prototype and in-house testing, we are now in the development phase and need your help to complete the project! Campaign target: a total of $375,000 to carry out the remaining steps!
      • Design and finishing of the chair lift
      • Mould
      • CSA accreditation
      • Production of the chair lifts
      • Delivery and installation
  • An individual donation
    • Yes! You, too, in your own way, can contribute by taking action. Make a donation online for the benefit of a person, a child. The goal we are aiming for is $375,000. Because crowdfunding for the benefit of the disabled allows people to go online and contribute to a project to help disabled people, we ask you to give generously to Sécur-O-Bain so that people with reduced mobility can receive a bath chair lift! We need your help!